Mohammed Ibrahim AL-FARIS Establishment for contracting was established in 1998G – 1419H in Riyadh City. We have by the help and favor of Allah Almighty been able to stand abreast with the giant architectural institution through an engineering, technical and professional team of highly trained personnel. We could thereby contribute to the construction of many buildings and residential as well as government and private commercial complexes. To cope with the modern development in the field of building and architecture, we have established a factory for scaffolds and metal accessories in Riyadh city for the production of all types of metallic scaffolds according to international specifications (SGB),
using SABIC Iron, which also produces cup-lock, special scaffolds for heavy constructions such as bridge and via ducts- framework system, and pull-push props.

  • King Abdullah Economic City (at Rabiegh)

    This is one of the most important economic infrastructure in the Middle East area which predicts the foundation of an international investment entity in the Kingdom. construction and architectural wor
    Steel Barrier(SB0001)
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